PC-software for storing vibration data, indicating alarms, creating trends & reports

EasyTrendPro has functions for creating tree-structured databases, for processing vibration data with the handheld VibMinder data collector, for automatically storing data in the database structure, for indicate vibration alarms and for make trends and reports from the data.

In EasyTrendPro are no limits for defining departments. Every existing department can be doubled with pressing only one button to create a new department with the same database-tree. The departments, machines and measurement points can be named free, or with use of the "Selection list" pop-up menu (open with the right mouse-button), what is listing all exist names for one-button-copying into the new place.

To help storage data on right memory-places in the data collector, the numbered database-tree can be printed out for every department as a paper-form "measurement route".

The vibration data collected with the VibMinder data collector can automatically dumped into the database in order of the memory places and activated measurement point numbers. The newest data will be stored on side of the database-tree, older data will pushed to the right. Max. 61 data pair (both RMS-value incl. date and time) can be stored on every point. For keep older data also, it is simply to double the department-tree into a new department. In this way the storage capacity will be 122, 183 or more data pair/point. Automatic alarms will be created with different colors if any change of the alarm levels are done and also under the data dumping.

The trends based on the vibration velocity and acceleration values can be created with pushing only one button. The trend will be created automatically from the data in the row on witch the cursor is actually placed, either on the tree or on some data in the data-field. The number of trends has no limits,. The trends can contain max. 61 data pairs. Every trend-picture (excepted the data field) is editable with the Excel software tools.

Product details

The program can create 6 different automatic report. The kind of report is selected with placing the cursor on the corresponding row. The reports are editable with the Excel software tools and can printed out easy.

The automatic reports are:

  • Machine report
  • Measurement point report
  • Warning report
  • Alarm report
  • Trend report
  • Job report

System requirements:

  • Hardware: min. Pentium 200 MHz
  • 20 Mbyte free HDD-capacity
  • Operational system: Win2000, WinME, WinNT or WinXP
  • Excel: 2000 or newer version

EasyTrendPro is developed for easy to use. But if there are questions, one detailed HELP function helps forward with exact informations at every time.