Handheld digital data collector for measuring and trending machine vibrations


The VibMinder handheld data collector instrument stores the vibration values and the exact time (and date) of the measurement. The instrument measures total level vibration (RMS-velocity, characteristic value for machine-condition) and high frequency RMS-acceleration (characteristic value for roller bearing-condition).

Data collected with VibMinder can be transfered into the EasyTrendPro or ProfiTrend PC-software via serial interface with automatic dumping into the database. The trends created from this data inform about machine condition, bearing condition and maintenance urgency.

The VibMinder is also usable for dynamic balancing. The manual delivered with the instrument helps to interpret the measurements and the trends.

Product details

Technical Data

Measuring range:

Vibration velocity: 0,5 ... 100 mm/s RMS
Acceleration: 0,05 ... 10 g RMS
Frequency range:

Vibration velocity: 10 ... 3200 Hz
Vibration acceleration: 2 ... 10 kHz
Memory:150 data-pair with time and date

ICP® -accelerometer
100 mV/g sensitivity 
0,75m integrated connection cable
delivered with small sizedmagnet holder
Dimensions (size):60 x 130 x 30 mm
Power (battery):

NiMH-battery 4,8V 1500mAh
min. 4h (tip. 5h) operation,
charging time appr. 7 hour
continuous use with charger
Communication with PC: via serial port with the delivered cable

* low frequency range for RMS velocity: 8 ... 1600 Hz
* special magnets for the vibration sensor
* extension tip for the vibration sensor


  • Extreme small pocket size and weight
  • NiMH-battery (min. 4 hour operation) also continuously usable with the charger
  • Measures total level vibration (RMS-velocity) and RMS-acceleration
  • Easy to use (only 6 buttons)
  • Digital display with switchable backlight
  • Stores 150 measurements (both RMS-value, measuring date and time)
  • Communication to PC via serial port