About Us

PIM Professional Industry-Measurement Ltd. was founded in the spring of 1997. Before the founders started their own business, since 1993 he worked in a special field of industry measurement and machine diagnostic as distributors for German and American companies in Budapest (Hungary).

The scope of activity of PIM Ltd. includes distribution of industry measurement equipment, engineering and technical consulting (mainly for industry measurement, machine diagnostic and vibration analyse, thermography). PIM Ltd. also offer industry measurements (electrical, mechanical, infrared), machine alignment and balance, and also provides training and education, instrument development and service. (Some products distribution is limited to the territory of Hungary.)

In the last years PIM Ltd. introduced his own developed and manufactured instruments and equipments in the Hungarian market with great success, and also with good international results. For example the PIM vibration data-collector (VibMinder / VibMinderPro) is under production in growing series since the end of 2001. The number of PIM’s actual Hungarian clients is over 4500 companies – the references enfold all areas of the industry.

More and more own developments are on the future plan. PIM’s strategy is to combine its twenty years experience with the customer’s requests in the form of easy-to-use instruments and equipment on favourable prices.

For develope and held our high quality standard we operate based on a Quality management like ISO 9001 since we founded our company. In Year 2005 our Quality management was certified for ISO 9001:2001, since Year 2008 our company is certified based on ISO 9001:2008.

Products (short overview, not including all)

Vibration measurement instruments and data collectors
Professional machine analysers and software
Vibration switches and Online Systems
Laser alignment systems, Balancing instruments
Instruments for electrical motor diagnostic
Optical amplifier systems (LWL-systems)
Simultan transientrekorders
Sensors (in practice for all physical units)
Digital displays and controllers, signalconditioners and -amplifiers
Mobile and fix thermocams, thermographic software


Technical consulting, engineering
Special educations and trainings
Machine diagnostics, balancing and alignment
Thermographic measurements
Instrument and software development
Instrument production and service

Company information

PIM Professzionális Ipari Méréstechnika Kft. (PIM Professional Industry Measurement Ltd.)

Address (main office): H-1221 Budapest (Hungary), Tanító u. 19/A

Telefon: +36 (1) 424-00-99
Telefax: +36 (1) 424-00-97

e-mail: irodaatpim-kft.hu

Manager/Owner: Eric Rahne (Graduate electric engineer. Machine diagnostic specialist, Certificated thermografic specialist /Level3/, Sworn expert witness)