Software for trending of machinestatus, organizing maintenance support and creating reports

ProfiTrend has functions for creating tree-structured databases, for processing vibration data with VibMinderPro handheld data collector including route management, for automatic datastorage, for indicate vibration alarms and for make trends and reports from vibration data. ProfiTrend also includes functions for creating maintenance journal.

In ProfiTrend are no limits for defining departments, machines and machine units.
The departments, machines and measurement points can be named free. The software also shows, how will the VibMinderPro instrument display the names in the route. Exist machineunits, machines and points can moved to other places simplify with drug&drop or into the depot in case of replace. The order of all components can be changed every time very easy.

The database-tree with colored icons give the best overview and inform about the machine status and bearing condition at every machine, point and measuring direction. Showing the tree and in only some seconds every critical point can be located!

A lot of usefully information can be attached to every machineunit, machine and point. Also pictures (photos or drawings) can be attached to every component. The pictures can be zoomed. 

Based on the ProfiTrend database the route for VibMinderPro can be created in few seconds: only drag&drop the department into the route area. With this one step the route is prepared ! Sending the route to the instrument is also simplify: connect an switch on the instrument, start the communication and the sending process. The software such automatic for connected instrument on the available ports, check the instrument type and status and send the route. Ready!

In the software are no limits for the number of data (velocity and acceleration RMS-value incl. date and time) storable at every measuring direction. Automatic alarms with different colors at the tree and the datasheets will be generated while the data dumping from the instrument is running. The limits for warning and alarm can be defined at every measuring direction and may changed at any time. As help for define the limits ProfiTrend display the extract of ISO 10816 for the machine status and the BC graphic (VMI) for the bearing condition limits.

The trends based on the vibration velocity and acceleration values can be created with pushing only one button. The trends will be created automatically about all data attached to the selected component. A lot of settings give the user the possibility to modify the trend-graphics in different 2D and 3D modes. The colors, the labels, the zoom and the scaling can be changed, the trends can be displayed with logarithmic scale also.

Product details

ProfiTrend can create different automatic reports:

  • Machine status and bearing condition report for measuring direction
  • Machine condition report for measurement point
  • Bearing condition report for measurement point
  • Machine condition report for machine
  • Bearing condition report for machine
  • Machine condition report for machineunit
  • Bearing condition report for machineunit

System requirements:

  • Hardware: min. Pentium 200 MHz
  • 20 Mbyte free HDD-capacity
  • Operational system: WinNT or WinXP

Maintenance activities can be stored at the ProfiTrend maintenance journal: simplify choose the actually activity from the pull-down listing at the component and acknowledge the date and time. Never more will it be a question: why increased/decreased the value in the trend at this time ?! All information needed for maintenance planning are included in ProfiTrend: the journal function shows, when was the last bearing replace (and with which type), when was the machine balanced or done the last alignment.