Professional training system for vibration analysis

VibDemo is made for the demonstration of machine-faults and vibrations on training courses for maintenance-workers, for beginning up to professional diagnostics also. Most of practical machine faults can be simulated with the demo-unit. Several of them without stopping the equipment.

Product details

The following faults can be simulated

    Static unbalance (in 3 plane along the main shaft)
    Dynamic unbalance (2 or 3 plane on the main shaft)
    Unbalance on 2 shafts with different speed
    Parallel fault in the horizontal direction, continuously adjustable
    Angle fault in the horizontal direction, continuously adjustable
Skewed bearing
Mechanical looseness
    Missalignment, Tension (adjustable)
    Belt damage
Bent shaft
Antifriction bearing faults
     Outerring damage (adjustable)
    Total bearing damage
    Tooth damage (adjustable)
    Alignment faults
Electric motors

Technical data

The VibDemo equipment is delivered with 400V AC motor (2985 RPM, 180W, 3-phase),
running from 230V AC 1-phase with Frequency Control Unit

The VibDemo Set contains

- main unit with electric motor and main shaft
- gear set with faults
- shaft with brake (installed)
- additional shaft w/o brake (with bad bearings)
- additional shaft w/o brake (bent shaft)
- belt pulleys (set, installed)
- belt with fault (installed)
- additional belt w/o fault


- outside: 600 mm x 300 mm x 350 mm
- weight (total, including all accessories): appr. 20 kg + appr. 6 kg for the transport-box