Service and consulting

Machine vibration analysis

  • Machine condition analysis (vibration spectra)
  • Bearing condition analysis (spectra, PeakVue, ultra-noise …)
  • Machine live cycle estimation, Maintenance timing
  • Gear-set fault detection, Machine foundation analysis
  • Resonance analysis (waterfall-spectra, impulse-input …)
  • Simultation of machine shape deflections

Building analysis

  • Thermographic analysis (heat isolation, build-in of windows …)
  • Building substance analysis (faults based on water …)
  • Detection of not-viewable elements (pipes, bearer …)
  • Functional check of heaters, coolers, airconditioners
  • Detection of air-leaks (with BlowerDoor)


Industrial thermographic 

  • Thermographic analysis (heat isolation …)
  • Substance analysis (faults based on water or abrasive fear…)
  • Detection of not-viewable elements (pipes, supports …)
  • Checking of electrical units
  • Detection of leaks (gases, fluids)

Electrical motor analysis

  • Mechanical condition analysis (vibration spectra)
  • Bearing condition analysis (spectra, PeakVue, ultra-noise …)
  • Electrical fault analysis (under normal running conditions)
  • Resonance analysis (waterfall-spectra, impulse-input …)
  • Simulation of machine shape deflections


Ultra-noise measurement

  • Leak-detection (gases – pipes, flanges, fittings …)
  • Leak-detektion with ultra-noise sender (big tanks …)
  • Condition analysis on valves and steamequipments
  • Bearing condition analysis (lubrication check)


Multichannel simultan measurement

  • Simultan time signal collection and specta analysis
  • Multi-channel correlation or crosscorrelation
  • Collection of transient processes
  • Automatic, triggered longe-time datacollection

One-/two-plane dynamic balance

  • Dynamic in-place-balancing (in 1 or 2 planes)
    with using of 2-4 sensors at one time
  • Machine condition collection (spectra) before and after balancing
  • Resonance testing in case of critical circuumstances



Geometric measurements, alignment

  • Precise laser shaft-alignment
  • Laser measurement of line and plane
  • Measurement of plumpline and right angle with laser
  • Parallelity measurement with laser and prism
  • Bore and bearing hole measurement
  • Measurement of spindel direction and blow

Calibration, development, production and service

  • Calibration of vibration measurement systems and sensors
  • Development of vibration measurement systems, datacollectors,
    signalamplifiers, conditioners, special software
  • Production of the products above (electronic)
  • Service for vibration measurement systems (of many producers)


Engineering consultation

  • Implementing of machine condition based maintenance
  • Choose of analysis technologies and -systems
  • Creating expert-reports based on existing vibration-spectra
  • Choose of measurement systems, sensors, thermal cams
  • Engineering technical solutions, conceptional planning


Education, special courses

  • Machine diagnostic (vibration analysis)
  • Machine alignment, dynamic balance
  • Resonance detection and -elimination
  • Simulation of machine shape deflections
  • Thermography (building, electric, industry)